Penyelesaian Sistem Kuasa

Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries and nickel metal batteries, lithium batteries have obvious advantages in charge and discharge electrical characteristics.

Its do not contain heavy metals, light in weight, small in size, and low in maintenance costs. Its include over-charge, over-discharge, and short-circuit protection functions.

Among the six kinds of rechargeable lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries are the safest and have a long cycle life. 

After 2000 full charge/discharge cycles life, the capacity remains above 80%. 

It can be understood that when the battery is new, your golf cart is fully charged. 

Electricity can reach 100 miles. After 2000 cycles, a full charge can reach 80 miles.

The discharge and charge performance is the closest to lead-acid batteries. The first replacement cost is high. 

It can seamlessly replace lead-acid batteries of the same voltage. Ternary lithium battery replaces the same voltage VRLA battery. 

It is lighter in weight, and the cycle life is second, shorter than the lifepo4 battery. 

HJBP power provides a powerful solution and a safe & reliable quality battery for you.

Ciri Penyelesaian

Spesifikasi Penyelesaian

Penyelesaian sistem kuasa untuk peralatan perubatan
  • Stable power output
  • Robust power supply
  • Fast charge function(lifepo4  and high rate ternary battery)
  • Excellent discharge performance
  • High capacity and  high energy density
  • Low energy self-consumption
  • Julat suhu yang luas
  • Kitaran hayat yang panjang.

Applications, Case & Solution

special portable video recorder battery solution case

Portable video recorder battery

Bateri polimer 3.7V 2000mAh

7.2v 2200mah navigator battery application

Special Navigation battery

7.2V2200mAh, 14.8V5200mAh lithium battery

motorcycle jump-start battery application

Motorcycle battery

12V motorcycle battery for start-up

UAV application battery

Bateri UAV

14.8V, 22.2V 10Ah. 16Ah, 22Ah lithium battery

Smart clean robot battery solution

the battery for clean robot

12V nimh battery and lithium battery

robot pembersihan pintar untuk panel solar

Intelligent cleaning robot battery

24V20Ah, lithium ion battery or lifepo4 battery

14.8v 8.8ah track detector battery application

Track detector battery

Bateri litium 14.8V 20Ah

share balance e-bike battery application

Sharing balance e-bike

36V 4.4Ah ternary lithium battery, with PCM

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